MEDILOR   Médecins d'Intervention de Lorraine


  MEDILOR is a non-profit-making association providing humanitarian help, created in 1990 by doctors, pharmacists, nurses and the decision-makers of Lorraine, a region of northeastern France.

Our goal is to bring medical assistance to disaster victims, everywhere in the world, ALWAYS in close collaboration with the civil and medical authorities of the country. We organise missions of 10 days that permit to go over the first hurdle after the disaster. We can treat up to 5,000 people, knowing that the initial number of victims of a disaster can dramatically increase as the result of diseases after the event.

We practise mass general medicine, bringing with us all the medicine and pharmaceutical products needed. We also can help on the epidemiological plane (water hygiene, epidemic prevention).

Our teams, all voluntary, are formed by a doctor, a nurse and a first-aid worker, all used to working in disaster situations.

We are totally self-sufficient for food as well as for accommodation (we are not chargeable to the local authorities) and our structure permits us to be very flexible and adapt ourselves to any situation.

With your agreement and depending on flight availability, we can very quickly send a team (12 to 15 people who will be very useful in helping local doctors) out into the field.

Our financing is provided by donations from private individuals and by the aid of the local and regional communities. All we need is your support to obtain tickets for the staff and the freight (3 tons) on your national airline, at a preferential rate.

In case of our assistance, we ask for your help in the field to find interpreters and transportation means (from the airport to the scene of the disaster), as well as an official contact on the spot.

Our references:

1992 : March : medical assistance after the earthquake in Erzincan (Turkey)

alert and help after the earthquakes in Nicaragua (September) and Cairo (October)

1993 :   April : medical assistance in Mostar (Bosnia) for help in 2 areas of town

            October : medical assistance after the earthquake in Latur (India)

1994 : June : medical assistance after the earthquake in Nevado del Huila (Colombia)

          August : medical assistance in Ruanda

1995 : alerts after earthquakes in Japan, Colombia, Greece, Carribean and Ecuador

          preparation of a mission in Central Republic of Africa

          October : medical assistance after the earthquake in Dinar (Turkey)

1996 : medical assistance for a cerebrospinal meningitis epidemic in Burkina-Fasso, vaccination of 20,000 people and medicine distribution

1997 : winter season : provision of medical care for the soup kitchen (Salvation Army of Metz)

          alerts after earthquakes in Iran (February and May), and tornado in Mexico (October)

1998 : alerts for cholera epidemic in Congo, earthquake in Afghanistan

          October : medical assistance in Haïti after the cyclone Mitch

1999 : August : medical assistance after earthquake in Golcük (Turkey)

2001 : January : medical assistance after earthquake in El Salvador

          February : medical assistance after earthquake in Buhj (India)

2003 : May : medical assistance after earthquake in Boumerdes (Algeria)

2005 : January : medical assistance after tsunami in Nagapathinam (India)

2005 : October : medical assistance after earthquake in Kasmir (Pakistan)

2006 : June :medical assistance after earthquake in Yojakarta (Indonesia)

2007 : alerts after earthquakes in Perou

2009 : alerts after earthqake in Aquila (Itaia)

2009 : October :medical assistance foy solidarity mouth in Segou (Mali)

2010 : January : medical assistance after earthquake in Port au Prince (Haïti)

2013 : October : humanity mission in west of Madagascar

2013 : Novenber : medical assistance after the typhoon Yolanda in Cebu (Philipines)

2015 : May : medical assistance  earthquake in Katmandou (Nepal)

2016 : October : medical assistance aftre the cyclone Mattew (Haïti)

We would like to lay stress on the fact that we provide medical assistance ONLY in agreement with the authorities of the affected state (no unauthorised assistance with the use of a tourist visa).

Moreover our statute precludes us from any interference or assessment on the state authorities of the country we work in, either in the field or after we return to France.

Therefore, we are totally neutral, our only aim is provide our medical work for the people who suffer.